Štiavnica and its surroundings

You will never be bored in Štiavnica, no matter what season. In spring and autumn, you can enjoy trekking, horseback riding, mining in mines and sightseeing. In summer, you can add swimming in “tajchy¨ (artificial lakes originally made to provide energy for the silver mines) and swimming pools in the area (for instance Vyhne or Sklené Teplice) to the list. In winter, you can go skiing to the Salamandra Resort, go swimming into a thermal cave in Sklené Teplice, or you can simply enjoy a delicious hot drink and cosy atmosphere in one of the many intriguing cafés, bars and pubs.

We hope you will enjoy Štiavnica and instantly fall in love with it, just as we did. 

The must-sees in Štiavnica

Botanical garden

  • you should definitely not miss out on visiting the botanical garden. It is close the apartment and its charm will allure you in every 


  • the most popular place in whole Štiavnica. The view over the whole city that you get after climbing the top is simply stunning.

Old Castle

  • it is one of the oldest building sights in Štiavnica. You can find it above Námestie sv. Trojice (Holy Trinity Square).

Nový zámok

  • it is located near Starý zámok (Old Castle), on the Frauenbergský kopec (Fraudenberg hill).

Holy Trinity Square

  • this is the main square and it is also known as Trojičné námestie (Ternary Square). In the middle, there is a plaque column built as a token of gratitude for the decline of the 18th century plague epidemic.

Piarg Gate and Marína's grave

  • the only preserved gate from the former city fortification system that protected the road leading to Banská Štiavnica from Pukanec and former Vindšachta. Near the gate, you can find the grave of Marína Pischlová, Sládkovič's love (a famous Slovak writer).

Bank of Love

  • it is located in the very house where Marína lived most of her life.  


  • A quaint second-hand bookshop. You can find it right in the Námestie sv. Trojice (Holy Trinity Square) and it is really worth a visit as you can find nearly any book you can think of there.

Štiavnica surroundings

  • Počúvadlo Lake – an artificial lake called “tajch¨ located in the village Počúvadlo. 
  • Sitno – the highest hill of Štiavnické vrchy (Štiavnica hills). The shortest, but also the steepest path leads there from the Počúvadlo Lake. The more interesting (albeit longer) path leads there from Radničné námestie (City Hall Square) if you follow red tourist marking. The whole route is well-described on the information board and is suitable for people of every fitness level. 
  • Salamandra Ski Resort – the resort offers ski slopes of intermediate difficulty. 
  • Manor House in Svätý Anton – it is quite interesting that the Manor House symbolically has 4 entrances (seasons), 7 arcades (days of the week), 12 chimneys (months of the year), 52 rooms (weeks of the year) and 365 windows (days of the year). 

Where to eat

  • Kantína Tratória – it is located right below the apartment and they offer breakfast (among other things).
  • Pivovar ERB – tasty food and even better beer. We recommend it strongly!
  • Pizzeria Svätá Barborka – delicious pizza.
  • Hotel Bristol – they offer a daily menu consisting of 3 dishes. It is truly worth it. 
  • Kachelman – besides a daily menu, they also offer pizza.


  • Divná pani – the most famous café in Štiavnica. They serve excellent coffee and yummy milkshakes and cakes.
  • Archanjel caffebar
  • Čajovňa Klopačka (tea room)
  • Stará Škola – this café has very a pleasant atmosphere.