Enjoyable accommodation and many pleasurable experiences 
in one of the most beautiful cities in Slovakia

Apartment Štiavnica, no.7

Our apartment is situated right in the heart of Banská Štiavnica’s historical centre, in a pedestrian zone. Or, as they say in Banská Štiavnica vernacular, „na trotuári“ (at an elevated pavement). Thanks to such a perfect location, everything is close-by. 

You can find the apartment at Andreja Kmeťa street, number 16, in the yellow building. 

The accommodation itself is a maisonette with total area of 111m2, situated on the second floor of a historical building from the 16th century. 

The total capacity is 5 beds with the option of 3 extra beds, so it is suitable for everyone including couples, big families, or even work teams. 

Banská Štiavnica

You will never be bored in Štiavnica, no matter what season. In spring and autumn, you can enjoy trekking, horseback riding, mining in mines and sightseeing. In summer, you can add swimming in “tajchy¨ (artificial lakes originally made to provide energy for the silver mines) and swimming pools in the area (for instance Vyhne or Sklené Teplice) to the list.